• Classic Patrol

    Classic Patrol is a unique and exciting addition to the Amathus Music roster. Bringing a distinct and energetic sound to their music compliments what Amathus is all about. With a strong drive and experience in the Dance Music scene, this is an artist ... Read More

  • Collage

    Beginning his career in the 90's, Collage (Adam Marano) helped revitalize an all but abandoned style from the early 80's named freestyle. Collage gained his popularity in many nightclubs and radio stations throughout the U.S. performing at a very you ... Read More

  • CP Project

    Never underestimate the inspired perversity of Ravers. At a time when electronic music seemed all but dead and the sheer joy of Dance Music destined to be buried under the gloomy introspection of Rap and Rock, the Rave kids never gave up. They, and o ... Read More

  • Crimsyn

    Mike Schmitt, a.k.a. Crimsyn, grew up with a love for music. At just the age of 8, Mike started playing the violin, excelling throughout his schooling becoming first chair in High School. In his teens, Mike took up playing the guitar, forming multipl ... Read More

  • CTGP

    The year was 1985 when a young dark-haired suburban kid first stumbled upon a beat-up, second hand Linn Drum Machine at a neighbor's yard sale. A couple of faders were missing, the rear panel was water damaged, and the whole thing smelled like fertil ... Read More

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