• Ava Dayton

    Singer/Songwriter Ava Dayton was born and raised in N.Y.C. and spent most of her childhood years practicing and singing everything from broadway tunes to popular music, and rock & roll in between. Her broad musical taste stemmed from her natural love ... Read More

  • Bastinado

    Bastinado fuses the most cutting-edge piece of European musical technology, the Reactable Live with the ancient sounds of the didgeridoo. Bastinado's shows are all original music that is arranged 'on the fly' and in a continuous mix, featuring Josh H ... Read More

  • Beat Jockeys

    Formed in the beginning of 2010, two producers came together to create a wide array of electronic music. Zilos a rising Remixer/Producer, and Crimsyn joined together to make innovative songs that would move people all over the world. Their sound is e ... Read More

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