• DJ Timm Hines

    Since the early stages of his life Timm Hines has always had a passion for music. Growing up in New York around many musical influences, from family members in bands, to friends and family into dance, music was always around. Never turning down the c ... Read More

  • DJ Trixter

    DJ Trixter is a unique and exciting addition to the Amathus Music roster. Bringing a distinct and energetic sound to their music compliments what Amathus is all about. With a strong drive and experience in the Dance Music scene, this is an artist tha ... Read More

  • DJ Zilos

    Chris Philip, a.k.a. DJ Zilos, developed a passion for music at a very young age. He grew up experimenting with a variety of different instruments and eventually discovered an affinity for the drums and percussive instruments. While majoring in music ... Read More

  • DJ Zizo

    DJ Zizo knew he was born to spin for as long as he can remember. Zizo was introduced to a variety of music at a young age, studying classical violin at eight as well as the Arabic Oud, a string instrument much like the guitar. It wasn't until he atte ... Read More

  • DJG Project

    DJG Project, the latest incarnation of the well-established Chris "The Greek" Panaghi music brand, is poised to make an impact on the Dance Music community. From his early beginnings as a local New York area DJ to an in-demand turntable master packin ... Read More

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