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    Themi Charalambous, aka DJ Themi, was born and raised in Queens New York. This Greek/American started DJ'ing at a young age when his brother Harry bought him his first pair of realistic belt drive turntables and a realistic mixer. By the time Themi was 12 years old he was listening to the radio and started watching videos on Video Music Box. Themi was totally blown away by what he was seeing and hearing; DJ's spinning vinyl and creating there own tracks got him hooked.

    DJ Themi knew that one day he would be involved in music even more in some way shape or form. Themi's musical career started at the age of 15 when he went out as a local DJ mixing at house parties for friends. It took off from that point and evolved into much more.

    Now Themi wanted to be on the other side, yearning to be the one creating the music that people were listening to. Little by little he practiced and learned midi and digital audio. Now his productions can be found on Amathus Music as he has been working on tracks and his first release "I Feel Good". DJ Themi blends together a NY house sound with a European electro element. He has since been hard at work in the studio so be on the lookout for even more tracks to be released soon.

    DJ Themi releases on Amathus Music:

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