The year was 1985 when a young dark-haired suburban kid first stumbled upon a beat-up, second hand Linn Drum Machine at a neighbor's yard sale. A couple of faders were missing, the rear panel was water damaged, and the whole thing smelled like fertilizer, but it didn't matter. After a few hours playing with the thing, the artist who was to become CTGP knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that he had discovered his calling: building a studio to produce records. "Most boys at 13 are begging their parents for a new baseball bat or computer games. I was on my knees begging mom & dad for the latest keyboards and samplers. They didn't know whether to be proud of their kid's budding interest or just plain freaked!"

    As he moved deeper into his teens the smelly fire-hazard of a drum machine was replaced and the family basement transformed into a respectable professional studio, financed by an endless circuit of after school jobs, such as delivering newspapers and bussing tables. Working long, hard hours deep into the night, CTGP began the difficult journey full into the Dance Music scene. While his musical interests varied from Rock to Pop to Rap, it was Dance Music that sank deepest into his blood. "I love Dance Music and want to make a statement with my tracks: Trance Music is eternal. It is a unique and global music that knows no countries and borders. It's a music that brings people together in a positive way -- and I'm all for that!"

    Now this thirty-something sensation has taken his burning passion and unquenchable drive to an altogether new level. And it's hardly falling upon deaf ears. His latest single, "Overdrive", was released on Amathus Music and sold over 3,500 singles, an amazing number for Dance Music today. It was also licensed on a compilation by DJ X, a trend-setting DJ in the Florida market. Further, CTGP has released tracks under Topaz Records, DJG Records, and many others, and a growing number of his tracks are being sought for international licensing.

    With a down to earth vibe, an endless drive to experiment with new sounds, the skills to write groundbreaking material, and ever-growing popularity in the European and American Markets, CTGP is a leading candidate for being the Next Big Thing in Dance Music!

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