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    Beginning his career in the 90's, Collage (Adam Marano) helped revitalize an all but abandoned style from the early 80's named freestyle. Collage gained his popularity in many nightclubs and radio stations throughout the U.S. performing at a very young age. Collage is noted as the longest running freestyle dance act, which helped to revitalize radio by bringing great songs and classic sounds back to life.

    Collage also ran the popular Viper Records label for which Collage recorded. Viper's parent company, Metropolitan, released the Viper's Freestyle Hit Parade compilation in 1994, which helped to break the Collage single "I'll Be Loving You" nationally, reviving the freestyle sound that had produced a number of club and pop hits throughout the 90's. Then Collage's debut album, Chapter One, was released later that year, producing another hit in the follow-up "Gangster of Love"; which also prominently featured a female backup vocalist named Denine.

    Collage's success helped to spark a renewal of interest in freestyle music during the '90s (on a more underground rather than mainstream level), and Marano went on to work with several other big artists. Collage has worked with some of the biggest names in the dance community such as; Judy Torres, Lil Suzy, Rockell, Uncle Junior from the Sopranos and many more.

    "Music is my addiction", Collage says with a smirk. With Collage's great songs and music we see why he is so successful.

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