• Seven Spiders

    Since he was a young boy, Seven Spiders knew that music was going to be his life. At 4 years old his father stuck a guitar in his hand, and from there he rapidly grew into a full-fledged musician at a very early age. Growing up Seven Spiders played i ... Read More

  • Share Tune

    Share Tune is a unique and exciting addition to the Amathus Music roster. Bringing a distinct and energetic sound to their music compliments what Amathus is all about. With a strong drive and experience in the Dance Music scene, this is an artist tha ... Read More

  • Sharon T

    If you are ready to have songs just melt in your heart, Sharon T and her impressive vocal range--marked by grace, poise and power--will do just that! "Stargazer" marks her first dance song ever recorded. This song contains House and Euro elements. ... Read More

  • Siany

    With her fun vibe and universal pop dance melodies, Siany is quickly becoming a hot topic in the music world. Born and raised in Forest Hills Queens, music has always been a part of her life with a family of artists and musicians. Coming from a singl ... Read More

  • Side-Step

    Side-Step are an exceptionally diverse collective of electronic studio musicians, producers and tech wizards based in the New York tri-state area. The concept of Side-Step is to provide a creative outlet where musical genres can be freely mixed and e ... Read More

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