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    Sophia Cruz has a dream in mind and has always been focused on attaining her goals. Born in NYC and raised in CT, she knew her destiny when at the age of 4 she told her kindergarten teacher that she dreamed of being a taxi driver. While ambitious, she soon came to realize that there were other dreams to be had as well. By age 10 she was able to emulate all the Disney songs to perfection, from this, her curiosity grew. Her first music teacher, Michael Jackson, was always a cassette tape away admiring all aspects of his talent. She would sit in her room for hours listening and studying different types of music, from classical to jazz to opera, nothing failed to intrigue her.

    As she grew older, she began taking professional lessons to hone her skills. There, she learned opera and jazz and her voice took its mature form. Any chance to sing was taken as she sang in school, church, acapella and chamber choirs and took advantage of any singing competition or open mic night.

    "Happiness is simple, it's just doing what you love to do, says the starry eyed Latina"

    Sophia Cruz's sound is constantly evolving. She admires female artists with strong voices such as; Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera and Etta James. Her love of poetry creates a synergy with her music that brings her performances to have a meaningful energy. News of her talent spread and she began to work on projects and meet with key people such as Chris Panaghi. Chris is an accomplished songwriter/producer/remixer having worked with major label artists including MICHAEL JACKSON, GLORIA ESTEFAN, CELINE DION, JESSICA SIMPSON, AQUA, JON SECADA, YOKO ONO and MARC ANTHONY.

    "I feel Sophia has all the right elements to succeed. Her voice has a soulful yet chic sound that will appeal to many different genres. The question is not whether or not she will be a success it's only a matter of time!" says Chris.

    Once you hear the sound of Sophia Cruz you'll be stuck wanting more!

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