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    Since he was a young boy, Seven Spiders knew that music was going to be his life. At 4 years old his father stuck a guitar in his hand, and from there he rapidly grew into a full-fledged musician at a very early age. Growing up Seven Spiders played in various different Metal bands across the Long Island, NY music scene. He always loved the energy of the music and even though he was your typical "Metalhead" teenager, he remembers the first time he heard The Prodigy's album "The Fat of the Land" and realized the energy he had become so fond of in Heavy Metal was also attainable through electronic music.

    In his late teenage years he began to program drums in a DAW and even dabbled in producing hip hop. Eventually he became tired of playing music in a band setting. "Being in a band was like being in a relationship with 5 dudes, with 5 different personalities and 5 different musical opinions" he says. "I wanted an outlet for my own unadulterated musical expression and I found that with Electronic Dance Music, and I haven't looked back since".

    In his short time in the scene, Seven Spiders has been racking up thousands of plays of SoundCloud, with his own brand of Big Room Electro House. By tapping into the passion and energy he once found in metal and guitar driven music, and bringing it to the EDM scene, the sky is the limit for him, and he won't stop until he reaches the top.

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