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    Koul Funk is a new and talented group that offers a classically soulful yet atmospherically electronic spin on Chill Out music. Comprised of several highly trained musicians who cut their teeth in the Philly session scene, Koul Funk blends old school soul and funk, progressive and traditional jazz, and ambient film score music in an eclectic yet pleasing way.

    'Chilled Out', their debut album now available on Amathus Music, contains many exceptional tracks illustrating this. Co-produced with electronic music veteran Chris "The Greek" Panaghi, 'Chilled Out' is a warm sonic journey through a range of different styles that always keeps true to an infectious funky groove. Some stand out tracks include "Smokey Lounge" which boasts a minimalistic Miles Davis-inspired horn that recalls the era of Acid Jazz. "Hot Funk" gives us another perspective with an uptempo dreamy landscape full of Sade flavored pianos echoing into the night. "A Simple Trip" takes us on a journey rich with evocative synths reminiscent of Tangerine Dream, all propelled by a funky Bootsy Collins-esque bass.

    "I jumped at the opportunity to work with these guys the minute I heard them play," says Chris. "These are not guys sitting in front of some pro-tools rig tweaking notes with a mouse. These are real musicians playing real trumpets, real wurlitzers, and real basses. And they do it really well!"

    Chill Out music is the ubiquitous new background music that can be found in a range of places from television and film to dinner parties and casual gatherings. Koul Funk's 'Chilled Out' is a great example of just how musical and multi-stylistic the genre has become. 'Chilled Out' is a laid back, other world jazzy invitation to relax and chill out in a hectic and overwhelming world.

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