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    Founding members Chris "The Greek" Panaghi and Josh Harris are veterans of the dance and electronic music scene. Both Chris and Josh have racked up impressive resumes in their own right, and now they are bringing their collective talents together as Kosca.

    From the beginning of his career, Chris "The Greek" Panaghi, has been dedicated to the Dance Music community. Chris' early love of DJ'ing led to his start as a local New York area DJ, working various nightclubs and social events. He soon found himself spinning to packed houses at some of the hottest nightclubs in New York City and fielding requests to perform guest DJ spots internationally. Over the years he received the nickname "The Greek" (referring to his heritage), which stuck, and he became known in the industry simply as Chris "The Greek". Chris is widely known for his trademark Peak Hour style, which incorporates such elements as Electro, House, Progressive and Trance.

    Although Josh is a self-taught engineer and producer, his musical background is fairly traditional. Originally from St. Louis, he started taking classical piano lessons at age 7, and has a degree in music, with an emphasis in music theory and composition from Lawrence University. After spending time in Chicago and Nashville, Josh moved to New York City in 2001. He was introduced to DJ Mike Rizzo, and the first remix that Josh and Mike worked on together was "Never Had A Dream Come True" by S Club 7. That remix was one of the most played tracks that summer on New York's popular radio station, WKTU. Over the next few years, Josh racked up an impressive resume of remix work with Mike Rizzo as well as his former production team, The Passengerz.

    Chris has emerged as a recording artist in his own right, releasing a string of successful dance singles under his own name and scoring two Top 5 Billboard Dance Hits with "The Feeling" and "The Time", and a Top 10 Billboard Dance Hit with "Movin' On". Several other releases, including "My House Is Your House", "My Life" and "As Good As Sin" reached Billboard Top 20 status. His floor thumping releases, "You Just Don't Get It", "Time Will Never (Fade Me Away)" and "I Wanna Feel The Music" quickly climbed into the Billboard Dance Top 30, while "If This Ain't Love" also took the charts by storm peaking at an impressive #22.

    In 2008, Josh found himself working as musical director for Grammy award winning artist, Seal, for a handful of private shows. Seal personally contacted Josh after hearing his remix of 'The Right Life'. In 2007 and 2008, Josh was nominated for the IDMA (International Dance Music Association) "Best Remixer". Some of his music has been used in "America's Next Top Model", MTV's "Room Raiders" and "Damage Control". Josh is also a founding member of the Brooklyn based band and production team, Lindbergh Palace.

    The collaborative efforts of these two seasoned producers will undoubtedly result in new and exciting music, which will keep those in the dance community and beyond wanting more.

    Kosca releases on Amathus Music:

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